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        We have a new material professional technical team of Harbin Institute of Technology plus strict management system and continuous hard work

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        Company Profile

        R & D, production and sales of various high-end metal powders such as titanium alloys, high-temperature nickel-based alloys, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, cobalt-chromium alloys, etc.

        Jiangsu Vilory New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is an emerging technology enterprise invested and established by Xuzhou Mining Group, with a registered capital of 40 million yuan. The company introduces the new material professional technical team of Harbin Institute of Technology, adopts world-class vacuum gas atomization ... [ MORE ]


        You can learn about our product information and company news through our latest information


        According to customer needs, provide high-quality metal powder personalized customization service

        Value-leading and win-win future

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